Romantic Bear WOW Lip Tattoo Review


I did a quick review Video on these new Lip tattoos everybody is getting Crazy about! they do really stain a lot, and last really long.I am not so sure if i would actually use them tho 😕 they are a bit of a mess and take a while to dry..

I got six different Colors as you can see on the Picture.

Thats how they look when you apply them  right off the tube, its a very stucky, gel  texture. I used a little bit to much so it took a  bit to much to dry.

U can see that clearly in the Video that i will link below!

So better use a little less, and i am sure it will stain just as well!

>Follow this Link HERE to watch the Video <<<



So this is how the Lips Stains will look on your Lips (of course depending on your Natural LipColor) after you Peel off the dried Gel!

My personally Opinion .. i am not sure if i would actually wear these Peel off Lip tints, since they are a bit off a mess and take a little bit to long to dry! but they are kinda fun to play with and sure a hit for Carneval and Halloween 😉





8 thoughts on “Romantic Bear WOW Lip Tattoo Review

  1. It is unfortunate that they are so hard to use as they look so pretty! I would use them for special occasions or when I have a lot of time to get myself prepared just in case I need extra time to fix things if they go bad haha


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