♥♥ LA Girl Flat Finish Lipgloss ♥♥ 

I Never thought I’d ever like such a dark lipstick.. Guess I was wrong ! 

totally obsessed with this beautiful @lagirlcosmetics Flat Matte Finish Lipgloss in Black Currant  ♥♥


I had to put 2 layers of it on to get the Result you see on this Picture. And also let it Dry for about 30 seconds between each application !
But once you have both Layers on and The Lipgloss is Dry, it will really last for a few Hours!
For those who don’t like Dry Lips at all, i recommend to use one light code of chapstick , or any other Long lasting Lipgloss on top , so that you don’t get this dry Lip effect! But of course you will not have this Matte Finish neither!!!!!
Its a great Lipgloss, and for the Price (under 10$ ) there is nothing you can do wrong , it lasts for a really long time, and LA Girl offers a really Wide Palette of so Many different Colors too!!
 What do you think about the color ?? and what color would you pick?? ❤ ❤ 
In case you want to order it too, this is the Amazon link i got it from 😉   Get a Pack of 3 >>>HERE<<< 

8 thoughts on “♥♥ LA Girl Flat Finish Lipgloss ♥♥ 

    1. Oh I totally understand your point, have been there before but you really should try LA Girl, specially their Concealers are AMAZING 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💕 let me know if you want to hear more about it 😉

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