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Hey Loves, 

Even tho you can find this whole Part in the ABOUT ME PAGE, i decidet to publish it here as well. Since i am sure a lot of you have’nt seen my About section Yet 😉 


My Name is Maren Sabina , but i am everywhere on the Social Media Known as Lodilly!

Why Lodilly , these are the First Few Letters of my Kids Names ( L> Leon, O> Oliver, Di > Divina , lly > Lilly)  My 4 Treasures !


And now a little bit To me and what’s behind my whole Beauty, Fashion and Makeup Obsession!

The Only Thing i always wanted since i was about 14/15 Years old , and still want, is to inspire and motivate others, help them to feel Great and Beautiful! Tell them and teach them How to turn little things into something great and Pretty!

I know a lot of people have of course different ways and opinions to see and vision what real Beauty is.. But I think you can not be Beautiful on the Outside , if you cant find the Beauty in yourself, .. inside of you basically , if you can’t be happy!

I started this whole Beauty Blogging/ Tutorial hoping to help some of my Friends and Followers on here and on Facebook with some Make up Tricks that i have learned first  just by trying on myself and later on , on my way as a MUA.
And also as i see some of my Wonderful Ladies/Gents giving me so much Positive Feedback, it amazes me, how a few little Make up tricks here, and Hair hacks there can not only push your confidence, but also make a person feel 100% Different in an instant!

It just makes me So happy and Warmth my heart every time i see the smiling faces after i finish up a Ladies Makeover, and i know i just made her feel Beautiful, confident and Happy!

I wish all of you will take the time and get to know me, maybe learn some nice and easy tricks and Tips that i have in Storage, and that i use on a daily base on myself as well, that everyone can use in their daily life also, and just have a nice time with me! 

I am so very Thankful for each one of you, who supports me, for every like, comment , question and i hope that all this will grow with the time!
I am also so very Thankful to have an amazing and Supportive Husband , who always have my back whenever i need him! Even tho he is not much home due to being a Brave Soldier , serving the Us Army ! So he is Not only my Rock , and my better half but also my Hero! 


♥♥♥ Love you all, your Lodilly♥♥♥

You can also find me posting about beauty and makeup over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter !

If you have any Questions I’d be happy to hear about you !


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