NEW YOU TUBE VIDEO IS UP -Full Face Makeup with the New Oval Spoon Brushes

I just Uploaded my New Video on Youtube !! Finally …This one really cost me some nerves…

I received these really nice Makeup Brushes From Bolesic Beauty , after they asked me if i would want to do a Youtube Review on them,..of course !! ( like… FREE MAKEUP BRUSHES!! HELLOO  )



So After setting up my Vanity, Makeup..getting my Hair ready and also my Outfit i was all set and Started Recording The Video.. well the first 25 minutes went perfectly Smooth, until my phone (with what i was recording) started to act up … So i had to transfer that recorded part to google Drive and wait about 30 minutes until i could keep finish recording my Video ! And i was only Half thru with my Makeup!! 😦

So Since i have to wait until night to edit ,when my Baby is sleeping, i was actually excited to Start edit and see how it turned out!

Weelll.. of course , my luck ! i had such issues editing , because for some reason the Audio did NOT turn out to be the way i wanted it, the background song was not long enough ect… so i had to delete it , and edit it AGAIN!!!

Well FINALLY at 5:30 am (yes it was almost bright again lol) i Finally had the Video Ready and Up on my Youtube Channel !! WHOOP WHOOP



I know 25 Minutes its kinda long for a Video, but i think a Honest Review needs time!!!

If you want to know where to get the Brushes here is the Link

Makeup brush Gold Silver Black 10 Piece set **$21.30**


Please Don’t forget to leave me a 👍🏻 and also Subscribe to my Channel ! ❤ let me know what you think loves ❤ 

kisses & Hugs

Lodilly xoxo  





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