Are you using your Lipliner right??

I Know I know.. before u ask me if i got completely Crazy.. let me tell you this!  
Each Lipform can be corrected to get beautiful full lips.. just know how to use your Lipliner right my loves ! 
After all these Kylie Jenner Copy and wannabe Lookalikes i Have seen the last past Month? Years??  well  
Yes It actually has been a while now, where all these young Girls an Woman try to outline their lips with their lipliners like Crazy just to get these Ridiculous Plump Bold Lips!
EVERY WOMAN has the RIGHT to look BEAUTIFUL so don’t be Scared to Experiment around until you feel confident enough to actually wear you Lipliner , Matching  Lipstick ,Lipgloss ect!
You deserve all of That!!!
But you also should know when to much is to much or when you can easily add some more here and there! 
So Check this out ..
So i found these two Great Picture , with (almost) all LIP Forms and The ways how you should Out/ inline them Properly to Correct  your Lip Form and Achieve your Perfect and even Lips!  Also the pretty great Detailed Picture is Amazing to see how to achieve the Perfect Lipliner !

So my Loves!! What do you think?? and what Lipliner do you use to outline your Lips?? 

Please do me a Favor.. Snap a Picture of you, using you favorite Lipliner and Lipstick, go to my >BeautyPage < on Facebook and Post it ! I would LOOVE to see your Results !! 

Love and Hugs 



10 thoughts on “Are you using your Lipliner right??

  1. Wow! For some many years I have been scared to use lip liner however I honestly think my problem was that I had no idea what I was doing with it. Thank you so much know I know a few tips and tricks for my lippies! Now off to Sephora to grab some essential lip liners lol 🙂 thanks for sharing!


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